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Frank Sorensen



I'm a psychotherapist and co-founder of Healing Arts, LLC. I have over thirty years of experience counseling adolescents and adults with substance abuse and mental health issues. I’ve worked with diverse populations in various clinical settings such as hospitals, prisons, residential and intensive outpatient treatment programs. I hold Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Cambridge College and a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from RIC. I have a deep respect for each individual I encounter in my practice. I see the innate goodness and the potential for wholeness in every person.

I incorporate traditional talk therapy along with Buddhist principles of mindfulness and meditative practices to enhance and support well-being and personal growth, and as a vehicle to increase awareness and open a path to resolve your presenting concerns. I have extensive training and experience in trauma resolution work to counsel those affected by death, war, childhood abuse, illness, grief and loss. 


If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation with me, please send an appointment request or you can call/text ~ 401-932-6821 I offer telehealth counselling only.

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